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Featured Project: Travois Ale Works

Local Project

Travois Ale Works | Medicine Hat, Alberta

When starting a business venture one important factor is creating an atmosphere. Personally, I am all about the details and love walking into a place that incorporates lots of different design features like texture, wood, metal, colour and so on. Travois has all of this.

Now you might be wondering how this ties into upholstery. But we are easily one of the best ways to help you create the atmosphere you are going for. Whether its simple back rests or detailed back rests (seen at Travois) or full-on booths, we can help you set the stage for the seating in your business. Because everything is completely customizable.

You will see that Travois picked this magical matte finish vinyl and the colour is on point. The way it pops off the natural brick creates a unexpected feature. This Micro-Brewery has everything going for it and we are so excited for this new business located in the core of our city. If you haven’t yet, make sure you check them out.

If we have worked with you on a project and you would like your business, home or pieces to be featured, please contact us for more info.

Featured Fabric:

Ennis - Lumina - Tourmaline