Why is upholstery so expensive

Why Is Upholstery So Expensive?

Now you have decided that your piece is worthy of being reupholstered, you are probably wondering about the cost. Upholstery is a custom service, so we don’t have set pricing. Each quote is unique to the piece needing work; size and style always play a part in your final price.


Now, you might be saying to yourself, “I could buy a brand new piece for that price.” In most cases this is true, but assembly line upholstery is completely different from custom upholstery. Lower-grade products are being used, which means the piece will deteriorate sooner, causing you to replace it a lot sooner. The care and detail that is put into custom upholstery will last years, if not generations. With the throw-away society that we live in, reupholstery is a wonderful way to make a tiny impact, especially if you have shopped new products and seen what’s out there and nothing is calling to you.


Perhaps you have that sentimental piece that means something to you. You need to decide how much you value your piece.


Upholstery is a completely custom. Your project is generally completed by one upholsterer from start to finish. From ripping it apart to making a custom pattern and adding any other custom features you would like. The quality of the product and service that you are receiving from us will out-live most furniture you can buy.


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