How to pick fabric

How to Pick Fabric?

If you haven’t been into our showroom before, you might be looking at this photo like “WOW! How do I pick just one fabric? Where do I start?”


This is something we hear often, but we are here to help. Here is a break down on how we help you make the right choice:



We have many different types of material. Automotive, marine, utility, drapery, light upholstery and many more. We always discuss the use of the piece. Which can take 300 books down to 100 or 20 to pick through.



Your budget is the biggest impact on your fabric choice. If you’re trying to be very budget-friendly we might show you our in-stock fabric, depending on the size of your project. In-stock fabric can start as low as $3/yrd and our special order fabric can range from $29/yrd to well over $200/yrd. We carry many brands including well-known designer brands like Maxwell, Kravet, and Robert Allen.



Whether you’re looking for a pattern, a texture, or a solid, we will know which books to show you. Thankfully, most companies keep different styles separate. They also like to mix patterns and solids in books to help show fabrics that complement each other.



A lot of our books are colour coded so we can easily show you books that will match or complement what you’re looking for if you are matching a fabric to other pieces in your home like paint, other fabric, or accents. We welcome you to bring the items in with you, as well as any photos you have for inspiration. Make sure you have some time when you come, it can be a little overwhelming and sometimes you just have to go through every book. If you have limited time you can leave the swatches with us and we can come up with books that will work for you and your space too.

It’s a huge decision to make the right choice, so we always encourage you to take books home and make sure the fabric is perfect for your space. Our staff is here to recommend the best fabric for your style of furniture whether it's mid-century modern or an ottoman from the 90s. We are here to help.

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