1940s platform rocking chair reupholstered in blue tweed infront of sewline upholstery’s garage door

Is upholstery right for you?

We often get asked, ”Do you think our furniture is worth upholstering?”

Unfortunately that’s not really a question we can answer. I mean, there is furniture that is horrible quality to begin with, in that case it might not be worth it. Maybe the frame is damaged and its not worth fixing. We will absolutely tell you otherwise. But if you’re considering upholstery these are a few things to think about:

1940s platform rocking chair

Comfort and Size

If you’ve been considering upholstery, there is a good chance that you have been out to the stores looking at new products. We have many customers say that they are unable to find a new couch that would fit in the space like their current one does. Or they are finding that the new couches don’t sit like their current one because of their height. Many times you have a piece that just works for what you need, it’s comfortable, and fits perfectly in your space but you just cant’ find the proper replacement.

Sentimental or “Brings you joy”

Many pieces we work on are antiques that have been passed down generations. We have worked on pieces brought over from Europe in the 1800’s and they still belong in the same family. A lot of times these items have been recovered a time or two - some have never been touched. You also might find yourself thrifting and spot a chair that reminds you of one that your grandma had and it takes you back to a beautiful memory. For whatever reason, these pieces “spark joy” (note the Marie Kondo reference) and they are worth reupholstering because they mean something to you. Heck, you could recover them in a similar fabric so it looks like nothing has changed or breathe new life into them with a modern print.

1940s platform rocking chair


There is a lot of talk these days about reducing consumption and waste. It is know that in the US (2009) the EPA reported that 9.8 million tons of household furniture was accounted for as waste. (source: PlanetSave) That includes kitchen chairs, couches, chairs, ottomans, pillows, office chairs, etc. That is A LOT of stuff, all of which we can recover and make new, if not, better.

1940s platform rocking chair

So, if you’ve read through this and you find yourself nodding your head to one, if not all, points, you definitely have a piece worthy of upholstery. Now your next question will be cost. Check out the next post to find out more (link blog)

1940s platform rocking chair

Featured product:

This particular set came from family cabin in Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan. They are referred to as a his and hers set as they are similar but different. Generally one is said to look more “feminine” and one more “masculine”, hence the name. These chairs came to us with significantly worn wood. We work closely with our wood refinisher, who is located in Maple Creek, SK, to achieve the finished look you are going for.

1940s platform rocking chair

Fabric Featured:

Ennis Fabrics - Jeffery - Indigo